In-kind contributions is an important source of nonprofit revenue for Operation Smile. Beyond revenue and cost savings, in-kind contributions is also an effective way to cultivate supporters and build capacity.

For Operation Smile in Vietnam, when we organize medical missions, especially in remote areas, medical equipment and medicines play vital role to support and make the contribution to the success of the whole team.

Additionally, in-kind sponsorship can be recognized through the donation of daily essential supplies (shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush, boday shower, soap, towel etc.) or food and beverage which contribute to the daily meals of volunteers and patients (milk, water, lunch meals etc.)

Over the years, Operation Smile has developed partnerships with leading corporations like the Marriott Worldwide Business Councils in Vietnam & Cambodia, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever through their generous donation of their products and services. Gift-in-kind contributors are more than just a valuable resource, they are an integral part of the Operation Smile family.