With a strong return in 2020, UpRace is ready to join you in taking steps for the community and this year, Operation Smile is proud and honored to be a part of this meaningful event as one of the social partners to help spread the positive message “Sports bring better lives” in the most special way.

For each completed km, the event sponsors will donate VND 1,000 to support the social organizations of the event. With each step you make, you will help us to firmly reach the destination ahead of a Vietnam where no children will be left to suffer from the pain above their faces.

UpRace 2020 event will take place from September 18 to October 11.

Now, download the UpRace app, have a great experience for yourself to prepare for a meaningful and exciting UpRace edition and don’t forget to join our team “SMILE RUNNERS”!

Instructions to download the UpRace application:
👉 Step 1: Download the UpRace app
🔸 Android OS:
🔸 iOS operating system:
👉 Step 2: Login or Register (if you do not have an account)
👉 Step 3: Use and explore features on UpRace application
📌Note: UpRace will guide you further on how to participate in UpRace 2020 in their next posts, please follow their fanpage to not miss the latest updates.



Kiehl’s, a high-end cosmetics brand of New York (USA), has cooperated with Operation Smile to bring smiles to underprivileged children in Vietnam by contributing a part of proceeds from selling the “Kiehl’s Loves Vietnam” limited edition collection.

Since its inception, Kiehl’s has always been one of the brands that have received special love from customers with skin care products made from natural ingredients which are environmentally friendly and highly effective when used. Every day, Kiehl’s not only stops at providing high quality products, but also continuously delivers positive messages through many social activities for the community.

In order to bring smiles to disadvataged children born with facial deformities, Kiehl’s will donate maximum VND 150 million* to Operation Smile as a meaningful gift to express the spirit of “Kiehl’s loves Vietnam – a hero for healthy skin” as well as to spread the happiness of love to Operation Smile childen and their families with more hope and brighter future.

Let’s join “Kiehl’s loves Vietnam” to bring lots of smiles to Vietnamese children. As one of our Operation Smile co-founders, Willia, P. Magee has shared, “You may not know your name, but this love will forever be in their hearts.”

📌 VND 100,000,000 from purchasing “Kiehl’s loves Vietnam” products
VND 50,000,000 from customers’ check in at the event in Takashimaya from 24 to 27 of September

To show our determination to continue to give the community more gifts of smiles while most of our direct activities are currently suspended for the sole purpose of protecting health of patients and the community, Operation Smile would like to organize our 33rd Smile Auction together with the first Online Sales to call for sponsors to join the donation of items for the fundraising auction.

This event is certainly a healthy online activity, creating a platform for all of us to reconnect while maintaining safe social distancing. Regarding the regulations on receiving items, the Organizing Committee will share in the comments below for everyone to see.

Let us join hands together to welcome our 33rd Smile Auction and our first Online Sales!